About Us

The Conservation Catalysts Network (CCN) focuses on universities, colleges and research institutions that are catalyzing large landscape conservation. Our members are pairings of academic and research institutions with conservation initiatives (for example, the pairing of the Harvard Forest and the Wildlands and Woodlands Initiative). In the context of such pairings, research and academic institutions are going beyond their traditional missions of teaching and research to apply their knowledge and know-how to advance initiatives related to large landscape conservation across North America, and, increasingly, around the globe.

In that such efforts are typically focused on large landscape conservation, their work is often: multi-disciplinary, including insights from disciplines as varied as the natural sciences, the social sciences, professional school fields, and the humanities; cross-sectoral, involving individuals, institutions and land holdings associated with the public, private, non-profit and academic sectors; cross-jurisdictional, sometimes spanning local, regional, national and even international borders; and broadly diverse, including stakeholders from a wide array of backgrounds.